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Peeling feet for calluses 2 in 1 Dulgon. Nourishing exfoliating for silky legs ..
4.69€ Ex Tax: 3.78€
Body peeling Aldo with charming fragrance. ..
6.80€ Ex Tax: 5.48€
Mouthwash Boccamint antiplaque without alcohol, that supports optimum daily oral hygiene. Total care..
3.70€ Ex Tax: 2.98€
Mouthwash Boaccamint against anticarries. Tested by dentists, strengthens enamel, with a long las..
3.70€ Ex Tax: 2.98€
Boccamint Sensitive mouthwash for sensitive teeth without alcohol. ..
3.70€ Ex Tax: 2.98€
The antibacterial handgel Dulgon nourishes and protects in seconds, cleans without water and soap. ..
5.15€ Ex Tax: 4.15€
Deodorant Dulgon feet with Menthol for 24 hours results. ..
4.69€ Ex Tax: 3.78€
Nourishing foot cream Dulgon that moisturizes and nourishes your feet and gives a lasting sense of w..
3.72€ Ex Tax: 3.00€