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Binella Ultra Messo

Binella Ultra Messo
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UltraMeso® Ultra Lift Cell Energy Gel for a lasting lifting effect. Active Substances: ..
46.96€37.57€Ex Tax: 30.30€
Ultra Messo Lift Triple Action anti-wrinkle concentrate immediately smoothes the skin app..
102.31€81.85€Ex Tax: 66.01€
UltraMeso® De-Glycane Mask is an exclusive anti-wrinkle technology with the potent De-Glyca..
64.88€51.91€Ex Tax: 41.86€
UltraMeso® Hyaluronan 5 Super Mask highly intensive moisturizing mask on the basis of HYALURON5&..
69.00€55.19€Ex Tax: 44.51€
Ultrassoundwaves Ultra messo Ultra Lift Applicator Loosening the skin tissue The cell dista..
149.56€119.65€Ex Tax: 96.49€
Includes: Ultrasonic devices code 59839600 gel 30ml code 59450130 cream 50ml κωδ..
239.94€191.95€Ex Tax: 154.80€
UltraMeso® Hyaluronan Active Spray facial tonic must be part in the daily care plan for sk..
39.58€31.67€Ex Tax: 25.54€
ultraMeso® ULTRA LIFT MAGIC EYE PADS Revitalising Eye Pads with immediate effect! 100% Pla..
50.18€40.14€Ex Tax: 32.37€
UltraMeso® Lift Deluxe eye cream balancing anti-wrinkle eye cream on the basis of high dosi..
65.39€52.32€Ex Tax: 42.19€
UltraMeso® Lift Deluxe night cream exclusively contain Silk proteins as a cream base.  ..
137.64€110.11€Ex Tax: 88.80€
UltraMeso® Lift Deluxe Throat Cream Highly dosed Silk proteins, Silkfibroine, Retinol, Cerami..
69.82€55.86€Ex Tax: 45.05€
Innovative anti-wrinkle treatment with the medical cosmetological UltraMeso® Lift Triple Ac..
99.70€79.76€Ex Tax: 64.32€