About Us

About Us

H A beauty company engaged in import and distribution of beauty and facial care products, hair and body, accessories and fragrances.

Our products cover all the needs for care and cleaning of the modern woman's skin. Designed and manufactured solely driven by consumer safety.

Thedesigner brands that we distribute are:

(Man & Schroeder) Numis med, Sanosan, Alkmene, Dulgon, Fruttini, Aldo Vandini, Diplona, ​​Oversa. (Parico Cosmetics) Binella, Micro cell, - Pikenz The First, Arrogance, Gian Marco Venturi (GMV), - Parsa accesorize.

The company has toiletries with vegan brand for face body and hair care and specialized accessories such as hair brushes, body sponges and makeup and more.

The result is a range of products as possible friendlier to your skin without affecting the efficacy of the products at the most affordable price.