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Nails treatment

Nails treatment
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Serum anti-aging for hands "Microcell hand Lifting Serum". It revitalizes immediately, red..
24.56€19.65€Ex Tax: 15.85€
Special care Microcell Hand Scrub  (hand peeling)  for intensive exfoliation and care of h..
18.67€14.94€Ex Tax: 12.05€
Rich hand mask Microcell Omega Hand Mask with Omega 3 & 6 Intensive care for hands for v..
23.37€18.70€Ex Tax: 15.08€
The antibacterial handgel Dulgon nourishes and protects in seconds, cleans without water and soap. ..
5.15€ Ex Tax: 4.15€
MICRO CELL 3000 DE-PIGMENT HAND SERUM High-quality, active plant extract reduces and regulates pigm..
32.95€26.36€Ex Tax: 21.26€
Aldo Mask revitalization and care for the hands with peach and silk proteins. Use: Apply a dose i..
2.75€ Ex Tax: 2.22€
Αntibacterial hand gel aloe Dulgon that nourish and protect the hands. Deep cleaning, against var..
2.88€ Ex Tax: 2.32€
Αntibacterial hand gel Dulgon that nourish and protect the hands. Deep cleaning, against varius&n..
2.88€ Ex Tax: 2.32€
The anti-aging hand cream Caviar Microcell 3000 regenerates and revitalizes hands. With extr..
21.40€17.11€Ex Tax: 13.80€
Hand Cream Protecion Microcell 3000 intensive care and hydration. The high content of caviar..
23.37€18.70€Ex Tax: 15.08€
Mild, cleansing foam Microcell 3000 Anti aging that cleans and cares the hands thoroughly. ..
20.00€16.00€Ex Tax: 12.90€
Numis med Cracked Heel Ointment 25% UREA, 50 ml This ointment for cracked feet regenerates cha..
7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€
numis®med  Repair Hand Balm 10 % UREA, 75 ml Special care for very dry and extremely ..
7.35€ Ex Tax: 5.93€