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Green depilatory wax Xanitalia 100ml Suitable for normal to sensitive skins. ..
1.99€ Ex Tax: 1.60€
Pink depilatory wax Xanitalia 100ml For all skin types Ideal for dehydrated and sun-tanning sk..
1.99€ Ex Tax: 1.60€
Yellow depilatory wax, Xanitalia 100ml For hairy and all types skins ..
1.99€ Ex Tax: 1.60€
Double wax heater Velvet lady Duo 60watt Accepts 100ml wax rolls. Italian construction ..
43.40€ Ex Tax: 35.00€
Depilatory strips 50 pieces Dimensions  7 X 20cm. ..
1.55€ Ex Tax: 1.25€
Depilatory strips 100pieces Dimensions  7 X 20cm. ..
2.67€ Ex Tax: 2.15€
Single epilation wax Velvet Lady, 30watt. Accepts 100ml wax rolls.  Suitable for personal..
12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€
Depilatory Wax Chlorofilla 100ml For all skyn types ..
1.24€ Ex Tax: 1.00€
Depilatory wax Azulene 100ml for sensitive skins ..
1.24€ Ex Tax: 1.00€
Soothing Oil after delipation 500ml Efectively removes wax residues from the skin leaving the ski..
10.66€ Ex Tax: 8.60€
Depilatory wax  with honey for intense hair growth 100ml ..
1.24€ Ex Tax: 1.00€
Warm depilatory wax , tablets 1kg  XANITALIA Ideal for mustache, armpit, bikini. Spr..
11.09€ Ex Tax: 8.94€
Depilatory wax vase natura 800ml for all skin types. Remove with epilating paper ..
8.30€ Ex Tax: 6.69€
Depilatory wax vase titanium 400ml for dehydrated skins. ..
6.84€ Ex Tax: 5.52€
Depilatory wax vase titanium 800ml for all skin types. Removed with epilating paper. ..
8.30€ Ex Tax: 6.69€