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Hair accessories

Hair accessories
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Wooden hair brush Parsa with natural hair. ..
5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.59€
Parsa hair brush, oblong with natural and plastic bristles Parsa. ..
6.85€ Ex Tax: 5.52€
Oval small hair brush Parsa with plastic & natural hair. ..
5.75€ Ex Tax: 4.64€
Parsa detangling hairbrush with natural + synthetic bristles. ..
4.55€ Ex Tax: 3.67€
Teasing hair brush for rich volume! Thanks to the special arrangement and the different lengths of n..
4.56€ Ex Tax: 3.68€
Children's hair brush with design "Unicorn". It brushes softly the hair and detangl..
5.71€ Ex Tax: 4.60€